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Annual Giving Campaign Zoe James Memorial Library Donation ATHS Endowment Fund
Annual Giving Campaign
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ATHS Endowment Fund
Our Price: $5.00
In 1971, the group of men who founded the American Truck Historical Society likely did not envision the day that ATHS would be recognized worldwide as the leading repository for the history of the trucking industry. The founders would be impressed with the high-quality publications we produce, and the fact that with the support of the membership we have purchased and paid for a permanent home for the archives and operations.

While these accomplishments are impressive, ATHS is seeing some of the same occurrences that many other not-for-profit organizations are experiencing, including a reduction in membership. Historically, ATHS has relied primarily on membership dues for the majority of its operating revenue while most not-for-profits are funded by a combination of dues and annual giving.

Annual giving allows for additional funds raised to be used for facility maintenance, reserve funds, endowments, or special projects to be funded through the yearly budget process as a matter of business. Through this and other fundraising efforts, ATHS can become prepared for its long-term financial stability. With the continued support of the membership, the American Truck Historical Society will be financially sound and prepared the long haul.

Please consider making a gift to the ATHS Annual Giving Campaign. Your gift will help to support the area of greatest need within the Society, and will keep ATHS running strong.

The Zoe James Memorial Library boasts a collection of over 40,000 photographs; 35,000 pieces of sales literature; 45,000 books and periodicals, along with a collection of scale model trucks. Monetary donations to the library help the ongoing process of preserving materials, developing displays, and library operation costs. Developed as a means to provide future capital improvements, special projects, or building maintanence on the ATHS A Home of Our Own, the ATHS Endowment Fund was created with longevity of the society in mind. Donations are an easy way to help us ensure the preservation of trucking history through necessary property and society conditions.
George Schroyer Memorial Scholarship Fund Brick 6x6 Brick 6x9
Brick 6x6
Our Price: $150.00
Brick 6x9
Our Price: $250.00
The American Truck Historical Society is proud to announce its George Schroyer Memorial Scholarship Fund. Shorty Whittington, CEO of Grammer Industries, located in Grammer, Indiana, and a long-time supporter of ATHS, donated $5,000 in seed money on behalf of his family and company to start the scholarship program. In the future, ATHS plans to endow those funds permanently and to that end, will begin raising endowment monies in early 2016. The program will be available to children, step-children and grandchildren of ATHS members. “Our father had been in the trucking business for his entire life,” says Dave Schroyer on behalf of himself and his brother Mark. “He was also an avid collector of truck and trucking memorabilia and anything related to the truck transportation industry and that is why he served as a volunteer leader and was an avid supporter of ATHS for many years,” Dave added.
The first two scholarship winners will be chosen in mid-2016 and announced in July. The scholarships will be in the amount of $1000 per academic year ($500 per semester) and awarded for the start of the 2016 fall semester.
The Greater Kansas City Community Foundation (GKCCF) will be administering the scholarship program. The GKCCF manages more than $2 Billion of funds and has awarded more than $2.4 Billion in grants and gifts since its inception. It is ranked in the top one percent of community foundations. Application information will be communicated shortly after the first of the year.
“ATHS is pleased to be able to support the education of our members’ children. Although we are starting at a modest point, we hope to be able to grow this program substantially over the next few years through donations to increase the amount and number of scholarship awards,” says John Vannatta, ATHS Chairman. “We have wanted to establish a program like this for many years and are extremely excited Mr. Whittington helped make this happen,” he added.
The American Truck Historical Society was founded in 1971 with a mission to preserve the history of trucks, the trucking industry and its pioneers. The non-profit group is based in Kansas City, Mo., and has more than 20,000 members worldwide. ATHS is the publisher of Wheels of Time magazine which has a circulation of nearly 22,000.
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