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Outside Decal (3x3.5) Inside Decal (3x3.5) ATHS Patch (3.5x4)
Outside Decal (3x3.5)
Our Price: $1.00
Inside Decal (3x3.5)
Our Price: $1.00
ATHS Patch (3.5x4)
Our Price: $4.00
Decal (3"x3-1/2"), self-sealing, outside application. ATHS decals, 3"x3", inside application. When applied to the inside of a window, the ATHS logo can be viewed from outside the vehicle. Small ATHS logo embroidered patch, 3-1/2" x 4"
ATHS Logo Pin Outside Decal (10 x 11.5) ATHS Playing Cards
ATHS Logo Pin
Our Price: $5.00
ATHS Playing Cards
Our Price: $6.00
Lapel/hat ATHS logo pin. ATHS logo decal, 9-5/8" x 11-1/2", self-sealing, outside application. Every card is adorned with black ATHS Logo on top of a gray diamond plate pattern.  Standard poker sized playing cards wrapped in cellophane and placed inside a white window box make for a great gift item.
ATHS Patch (6 x 7) Historic Trucks Coloring Book for All Ages ATHS License Plate (Tire Tread)
ATHS Patch (6 x 7)
Our Price: $6.00
Large ATHS  logo embroidered patch, 6" x 7" Miss Flatbed Red & the American Truck Historical Society teamed up for this coloring book. Inside you will find 24 pages of trucks similar to those you might have seen out and about on the road over the last 100 years. Designed with perforated pages for tear out coloring so a variety of mediums can be used to complete your picture with no bleed through to the next page. 24 81/2" X 11" pages. ATHS license plate features tire tread graphic and is metal with 4-holes for standard mounting.
ATHS License Plate (White) ATHS License Plate Frame 50th Anniversary Numbered Challenge Coin
ATHS License Plate Frame
Our Price: $20.00
ATHS license plate features ATHS logo, leaves room for those wishing to add lettering indicating an ATHS chapter name. Metal with 4-holes for standard mounting. American Truck Historical Society license plate frame. Frame is metal and has 4-holes for standard mounting. Only 500 coins were produced so get yours now!
ATHS Golf Umbrella Peterbilt Build Records Personalized Chapter Truck Magnet
ATHS Golf Umbrella
Our Price: $24.99
Peterbilt Build Records
Our Price: $25.00

The ATHS Golf Umbrella opens 60” in diameter with a 40”
closed size.  Made of nylon material in
ATHS red, blue, and white colors the aluminum frame has a manual open and wood
grip handle.      

ATHS has Peterbilt sales order records available from converted microfilm factory records. Copies are available for trucks built as early as 1939 to approximately 1972. Records range from 5002 to 49448 for trucks; 5014 to 5894 and 28080-K to 39396-K for glider kits.

Peterbilt trucks built from June 1939 through August 1958 were identified by M-XXXX for two-axle trucks and L-XXXX for three-axle trucks. After August 1958 the five-digit sales order number was also used as the chassis identifier.

The truck ID# is located on the brass tag on the inside of the cab in front of the clutch pedal (Display 1), and stamped in the right-hand frame rail below the right rear corner of the cab (Display 2). Please check both areas to confirm matching numbers. The truck ID# on the brass tag or frame rail is required when placing an order and will be entered in the space provided.

Customized Chapter truck magnets. $36.00 per magnet (minimum 12 per order). PHONE ORDERS ONLY: 816-891-9900