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Annual Giving Campaign
Annual Giving Campaign
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In 1971, the group of men who founded the American Truck Historical Society likely did not envision the day that ATHS would be recognized worldwide as the leading repository for the history of the trucking industry. The founders would be impressed with the high-quality publications we produce, and the fact that with the support of the membership we have purchased and paid for a permanent home for the archives and operations.

While these accomplishments are impressive, ATHS is seeing some of the same occurrences that many other not-for-profit organizations are experiencing, including a reduction in membership. Historically, ATHS has relied primarily on membership dues for the majority of its operating revenue while most not-for-profits are funded by a combination of dues and annual giving.

Annual giving allows for additional funds raised to be used for facility maintenance, reserve funds, endowments, or special projects to be funded through the yearly budget process as a matter of business. Through this and other fundraising efforts, ATHS can become prepared for its long-term financial stability. With the continued support of the membership, the American Truck Historical Society will be financially sound and prepared the long haul.

Please consider making a gift to the ATHS Annual Giving Campaign. Your gift will help to support the area of greatest need within the Society, and will keep ATHS running strong.

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